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  1. The Qualities of a Good, Custom-Home Builder

    February 12, 2018

    It is our goal to give you a quality home that both of us can be proud of. Why would you accept anything less for your family? CL Design-Build is a small, family-owned company that provides our clients with individualize, personal attention at a fair cost. We provide the professionalism, communication and scheduling services like […]

  2. 24/7 Access To Your Custom Home Building Process

    February 8, 2018

    At CL Design-Build, we’ve always prided ourselves in keeping our clients informed of the progress of their new home. But, we wanted to make it even better and we did. CL Design-Build now utilizes an incredible app that gives our clients 24/7 access to information. Our clients can be anywhere, at work or at home, […]

  3. How Long Will This Take?

    November 15, 2017

    Builders hear this question a lot. The answer, as with most such questions, is “It depends.” But on what? People who haven’t built before often have an unrealistic concept of how long it can take to plan, budget, and build a home. Many variables can affect the timetable. Three that stand out are design, permitting, […]

  4. DESIGN TRENDS: The Winter-Ready Mudroom

    November 2, 2017

    In snowy locales, a hard-working mudroom is a must have for keeping salt, slush, and wet gear at bay. For our homeowners in this snowy part of the country, being winter-ready means owning a variety of outerwear and boots to handle the fluctuations of the season – which can go from sub-zero temperatures to thaw […]

  5. DESIGN TRENDS: The soaker or whirlpool tub….To Be or Not To Be?

    October 25, 2017

    Often clients tell me that they never use their whirpool tub in their Master Suite, but tell me that they feel they must have this for resale. Great feedback and good point about resale. I do think that as a society we are simply changing to drifting toward the idea of having only what we […]

  6. Building Your Home With An Eye Toward The Future

    October 2, 2017

    No two clients are the same and so every home should be unique. Our mission is to build a home that fits each family’s immediate wants and needs, while taking into account future lifestyle considerations. We work alongside architects and designers to carefully consider a client’s specific situation; the number of people in the household, […]

  7. Why Are Changes Costly?

    Even small changes made after work begins can have surprising effects on the budget. Here’s why. Minimizing change orders is one of the most effective things homeowners can do to control costs. The reason is that seemingly small changes can have cost impacts beyond the builder’s control—costs that ultimately are borne by the customer. We’re […]

  8. How to Minimize Stress and Maximize Sanity

    September 22, 2014

    If anyone ever told you that building a home can be stressful, they were right. However, savvy homeowners choose a builder who will make it less so. But beyond making certain the company is licensed and insured and has provided a fair bid and a professional contract, how do owners determine whether a company will […]

  9. CL Design-Build Celebrates Milestone

    August 1, 2014

    Chicago area company CL Design-Build, Inc. celebrates 14 years of home building in August. The family-owned, award winning business was founded in 2000 to offer a complete design and home building service to those in search of a quality home that fits their lifestyle, tastes, and budget. The company offers a one-point of contact for their clients for any size or style of home.

  10. Taking Your Vision and Turning it into Reality

    January 31, 2014

    As a professional builder, we are practiced at taking a client’s concepts and ideas and transforming them into three-dimensional reality. It is a skill we have honed over decades. It is our work and our passion. For our clients, translating their vision for their new home into words can be both challenging and frustrating. Putting […]

While Bob and I have worked with CL Design Build, the experience has been positive, professional, and one we would pursue again. Our dream home was creatively designed balancing practicality and cost. Cheryl’s attention to detail will make our home a focal point of the neighborhood. Thanks to all at CL Design Build!

~ Bob and Ann Elwood

We met with 5 different local builders when we started this custom build adventure. Cheryl Lee, hands down, left the best impression. She was knowledgeable, open to and interested in our ideas. They were always timely and attentive to any and all questions that we had and patient and informative when we were chewing over a decision. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience than working with the CL Design-Build team! Danielle Brown

~ Danielle Brown

We enjoyed working with CL Design Build to build our 100% custom dream home. Starting with a blank piece of paper, we were able to build our home from bottom to top using our own ideas and concepts. We are really enjoying our home today.

~ Doug and Cinda Coyne

That teamwork between Brad and Cheryl ensured that we received the best that is available. There is a trust and bond between CL Design-Build and their clients that gave us peace of mind. The numerous compliments that we receive on our beautiful home are tremendous!

~ Richard and Kristine Christie